I love traveling and even more I love all the different forms transportation I take while traveling. I recently spent several months in Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and China. While moving through each country I noticed that each form of transportation is relatively the same but separated by subtle nuances. From transporting people from place to place to construction equipment and everything in-between, each country has it's own way of identifying itself through its many forms of transportation. 

This project consists of over 160 images that are being made into a book which will be released in 2017. The images below are but a snapshot of the overall project. Beginning in Thailand working through Cambodia, and on to Hong Kong and China I began to notice that while everything is similar, nothing was the same. To say that noodles in Thailand are the same as noodles in China, couldn't be any further from the truth, the same goes for the different means of transportation. The subtle yet striking differences are what made this project so much fun.    

Anyone that has spent anytime is Southeast Asia knows the phrase, "Same same, but different". This common phrase is at the core of the project.