As a first year photography student, I was given an assignment to create a “journalistic” story. There were no real guide lines, other than build some sort of narrative that was easily visible to the viewer. Shortly after being given the assignment I met a man that went by the name, Hawkeye.

Bart A. Hollis, more commonly known as, “Hawkeye” was a 53-year-old homeless man that resided under a bridge in Austin, Texas.  Hawkeye had spent the last twenty years at the same location, with the exception of a brief stay at the, Texas Department of Corrections.

The intention of this project was to gain more insight into his world.  I first met Hawkeye panhandling on the off-ramp of a major intersection in Austin, Texas.  During the short time I knew Hawkeye, I came to enjoy his company and his commentary on life. 

In the beginning I would walk to the intersection where he lived and would sit with him a few hours at time discussing everything from women to music, and even the circus.  Only after getting to know each other and gaining some trust did we both agree on me documenting his life.  Unfortunately, our project was cut short.

Soon after we began, Hawkeye was murdered.  There are no suspects, and the investigation remains open.  He had very few processions in life with the exception of his guitar, which he named, Emily. 

These photos are a glimpse of a unique man’s life with his guitar.